May 2, 2022
funeral homes in Freeport, IL

Helping You Feel Comfortable: What You Can Expect at a Funeral

If you have had a relative or close friend pass away, and are nervous about attending their funeral service, you are not alone. While this can […]
April 25, 2022
cremation services in Belvidere, IL

Unique Ash Ideas You Didn’t Know Were Possible

With cremations being more common, many people today are opting to hold on to the remains of their loved ones in more unique ways than a […]
April 18, 2022
funeral homes in Belvidere, IL

A Short Guide to Casket Options

The use of caskets can be traced back thousands of years to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. There, materials such as wood, paper, and cloth were used […]
April 11, 2022
cremation services in Rockford, IL

Can I Have a Viewing Before a Cremation?

If you are having to make cremation services in Rockford, IL. for your loved one, you may be asked if you would like to have additional […]
April 4, 2022
funeral homes in Rockford, IL

Choosing a Funeral Home: 3 Characteristics to Look For

Whether you are talking with funeral homes in Rockford, IL. about preplanning your own services, or regarding immediate arrangements for your loved one, you want to […]
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